Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a good safety rating and on-time performance record?

Yes. We are proud to have had the highest government safety record for several years and our on-time performance record is enjoyed by all of our customers. Both are envied by our competition.

Can you move loads anywhere in the US?

Yes. We are licensed in all lower 48 states, but most of our business is in Florida, the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Are your drivers well compensated and loyal?

Yes. Because we believe that family values and shared prosperity makes for better customer service, we pay our company drivers on a handsome cents-per-mile basis or flat fee depending upon the destination, or for our more entrepreneurial drivers, we offer a commission based upon our revenue. Our owner-operators are paid strong commission rates. We are fortunate to have long standing freight opportunities out of Northeast Florida so that those drivers and owner-operators that want to be home on the weekends, are always accommodated.

How frequently are your drivers paid or settlements made with your owner-operators?

We pay and settle every week without fail.

Can RDL Logistics meet stringent customer requirements?

Yes, RDL has enviable safety and on-time performance records. We are approved by ISNetworld, a global resource for connecting customers with safe and reliable contractors, used by large customers to key safety and insurance requirements.

Is RDL Logistics licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, that documentation can be made available upon request and is on ISNetworld.

How long will delivery take?

Transit times vary but they are reasonably predictable. When you request a quote from our Dispatch Department, you will be given a reliable time. We will do everything feasible to meet your demands. We work on reservations and best efforts. Please contact us to ask for our on-time performance percentage.

Do you pick-up and/or deliver on weekends?

Yes. We have drivers and owner operators that are happy to be scheduled on weekends. We are a 24/7/365 operation.

Does RDL Logistics ship personal household items?

No. We do not ship any personal household items.

Does RDL Logistics provide dedicated transportation?

Yes. Our dedicated transportation is primarily recurring intermodal local or short haul business and currently makes up almost 50% of our business.

Does RDL handle overweight and Hazmat deliveries?

We handle a good amount of overweight business and have permits in Florida and Georgia. We are always looking for drivers that are licensed to handle hazmat and are paid a premium to do so.

Give us a call…. Our friendly staff is fully knowledgeable and waiting to offer the best trucking service possible– local, regional, and long haul.

Business Development Team at 904-321-0011:

Harold Koegler, Executive President Ext. 116

David Livesay, President Ext. 112

Susan Amburgey, Operations and Safety Manager Ext. 114

Abbie Dyal, Lead OTR Dispatch, Ext 113

Julia Carpenter, Lead Intermodal Dispatch

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