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About RDL

RDL Logistics is a licensed, bonded and insured freight carrier specializing in a wide variety of recurring intermodal or long haul cargo throughout the United States.

In 2008, RDL developed a first class terminal in Yulee, Fl to accommodate the transit of 1,000 intermodal containers per month from customer to next mode of transit. It also provides space for storage of 200 containers. Its largest customer, the WestRock in Fernandina, FL supplies a high recurring monthly volume and depends heavily on RDL’s facility and its commitment to service. Through skilled dispatchers and experienced drivers, RDL became known for handling an impressive Intermodal volume servicing various modal points within the growing “Jacksonville” intermodal footprint and beyond. 

What clearly separates us from the competition is our Dispatch-Management team. RDL has the ability to handle the everyday complications common to high volume shipping with aplomb. We take great pride in addressing and resolving problems professionally and to our customers’ satisfaction:

  • Tracking all loads from point of origin to delivery. Drivers are equipped with mobile communications , electronic log devices and our Tractors and Trailers have providing satellite tracking. Drivers and Dispatch are in communication throughout the day (EDI capable).
  • RDL is a 24/7/365 operation. Customers are notified to any unforeseen circumstances that may cause a delay in delivery.
  • Providing fast and thorough team response to all problems.

Give us a call…. Our friendly staff is fully knowledgeable and waiting to offer the best trucking service possible– local, regional, and long haul.

Business Development Team at 904-321-0011:

Harold Koegler, Executive President Ext. 116

David Livesay, President Ext. 112

Susan Amburgey, Operations and Safety Manager Ext. 114

Abbie Dyal, Lead OTR Dispatch, Ext 113

Julia Carpenter, Lead Intermodal Dispatch

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